ccTLDs compared to .COM domain

Condition of national domains

The secondary market is dominated by domain names under the .com extension. But beyond the market share associated with this most dominant gTLD, there are also numerous sales within the ccTLDs. What value do country code addresses have?

The state of the national domains compared with the largest TLD doesn’t look impressive. Of course, the ccTLD market is not homogeneous. However, there are a few country code domain extensions that distinguish themselves among the rest. Those include .DE and .UK, as well as national domains that have for several years been regarded as functional TLDs: .CO .ME and .IN. Additions to the leading country codes unfortunately happens rarely. For most of the ccTLDs, the domain sales are relatively small.

Boom for domain name business continues

Nonetheless, the domain name business is booming. Available data on domain transactions shows that the average prices for some addresses are higher than the national average rate paid for “dotcoms”. In addition, you have to take into account the fact that the vast majority of sales is undisclosed, and the actual value of sales along with them. The ccTLD market appears to be weak in comparison to the .com segment. But, in fact, it doesn’t have to be bad. It is rather the strenghth of the .com extension that that outshines other TLDs.

Still huge domination of .COM

According to the statistical data that we can find on the internet, the number of sold .com addresses is just over 301 thousand. This is just a small part of the actual number of transactions. The database does not include all official sales, moreover – as has been hinted at – the majority of transactions remains classified. However, the available resources on the sale of a variety of names in the TLD allow to determine and compare the condition of individual domains based on an estimate. The result achieved by .com represents more than 65% of all official transactions. In terms of sales value, the domain can boast an even better result: the total value of sales of domain names in this extension (.COM) is as high as 1 193 112 338$, which is slightly more than 80% of the total domain market value. So, as we can see, there is no competition from other TLDs – both generic and national.

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