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Amid economic crisis the domain name industry continues to grow offering endless opportunities for domain name buyers and sellers alike. There were approximately 258 million registered top level domains as of April 2013 with the growth of 6,2 % over a period of 6 preceding months.

According to DomainWire’s Domain Name Stat Report of May 2013, ccTLDs (country code top level domains) account for about 35% of all domain name registrations worldwide. The analysis of data gathered over the period of 3 years (from April 2011 to April 2013) indicates that the number of ccTLDs tends to grow over the number of gTLDs (generic top level domains). The ccTLD market share of all domain registrations increased from 42% to 44% within 6 months. Within the ccTLDs, European domains tend to decrease with the exception of those within the 5-10% growth range. The overall renewal rate for most domain names stays at approximately 79% demonstrating small increase in some zones.

The world’s premium top level domain continues to be .com as evidenced by the list of top 10 most expensive domain names lead by which was sold in 2009 for $16 million. Other sites on the list include, or as well as names associated with adult entertainment such as

DomainWire’s report further shows that the world’s top 20 ccTLDs list is lead by .TK (Tokelau – 16,7 million registrations) followed by .DE (Germany – 15,4 million) and .UK (United Kingdom – 10,5 milion). Number four and number five are .CN (China – 7,5 million) and .NL (the Netherlands – 5,2 million registrations) respectively. Although not assigned to any specific European country but with established history, the European Union ccTLD .EU, ranks seventh on the list with 3,7 million domains.

More and more domains are now available for registration by individual applicants. As per IBISWorld report, the number of individuals filing applications for personal domain names has been growing over the period of the last five years. It has been observed that personal websites are a popular tool serving as a gateway to small businesses.

It is estimated that there were 2,749 million internet users worldwide of March 2013 compared to 2010 with approximately 1,971 million. In June 2012, Europeans made up for 21.6% of all internet users while 44.8% were from Asia. The Americas accounted for 21.8% while African states constituted only 7%.

There are more and more top level domain suffixes to choose from nowadays, such as country code or generic top level domains, that make it possible to promote a website and generate more traffic. By registering an appropriate and meaningful domain name a company, organization or an individual can make their presence known in virtually any location worldwide.

Via a website, businesses extend their reach to distant locations and can offer more and more services online. A domain name can be viewed as a virtual real estate that can grow in value over time. It can greatly help to elevate any company’s or individual’s online presence by increasing traffic and brand recognition.

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