New .xyz extension

According to many domain market observers, the future of the new gTLD .xyz looks very promising. The domain’s major attribute is the fact that it does not imply any specific meaning. That imprecision is exactly what makes it so attractive. The domain comprises the last three letters of the Latin alphabet which makes it universal and applicable in a great number of languages.

The goal of .xyz domain is to offer registrants an extension that is both flexible and eye-catching. An easy to remember Internet address is a great asset to any website owner. The great potential of this extension lies in the fact that it is recognizable and adaptable.

Prior to its release, the .xyz domain registry set an ambitious goal of reaching one million domain name registrations within the first year of its operation, and five million registrations over the period of three years. The domain’s outlook seems optimistic for now. Among all new gTLDs, the .xyz extension is the first and only domain to reach 500,000 registrations. Presently, that number has already been exceeded!

According to, more than 2 million new gTLD domain names have been registered to date. Only three domains (.xyz, .Berlin and .Club) have more than 100,000 registrations while five domains (.xyz, .Berlin, .Club,.Guru and .Wang) have more than 50,000 registrations.

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