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.no names

OK I should create something more worldwide but it is a bit difficult because all nations got their own sector law.

Norway is a awesome nation in European nations (ok Scandinavia) with 5 million of resident . Cold but wonderful. In some areas You have half year of sun (then half year of everlasting darkness) – I think that is so awesome ! Ok But what creates Norwegian so unique that individuals wants to have .no websites ?

First of all Norwegian individuals believe in each other so .no sector will be much more reliable for them, they will buy more from Your web stores and will be much better for a company.

So I think You realized it out that Your .no sector must be in Norwegian language?

Lets look at the sector address in SEO way.

.NO websites will position much quicker in Norwegian google than .com. I think that is the primary purpose why individuals buy Norwegian websites. Well we all really like to have great SERP so it is apparent that .no sector is something excellent to have. Now allows think about cost of .no sector. On Web Alternatives website we can sign-up the .no sector. Go and examine the cost. If You have done it now we can discuss if it is much or not.

If You have Your website i am sure You do a SEO perform (or pay for it) but let say that You pay. On every position on this planet costs for SEO assistance are different but we all can say that it COST a lot to have a nie outcomes !

Well spending that little bit for a sector with .no expansion will create our SEO much less expensive so expansion cost > SEO cost (according to have the same result).

How to get .no domain

I create a bit about why it is awesome to have a .no sector but I have not say anything about how to get it !

HERE is the worst !


To discover out I need to tell You something first. To sign-up a .no domain You need a company with Norwegian mailing address!

Well lets say You’re US resident, how You can get a Norwegian mailing address?

You need to have a organization with regional existence in Norwegian ! WOW, i am US centered organization and I need to have a Norwegian address? That will be difficult to get….

So organizations who sign-up a .no websites figured out a way to help You.

They provide Trustee Assistance. They purchase a sector under their organization name and provides You the accessibility to it. Don’t fear about whois – You will get a documentation from Domain registrar that You are the proprietor (not exactly – I will tell more about it later)

So to sum up, You don’t need to have a organization in Norwegian, You only need to use the trustee service.

Any other extension?

So I think You may have some concerns about other sector additions. In Norwegian You can sign-up also:



Well priv.no is unlimited, it indicates that EVERYONE can have them ! Is that a excellent news? I think so !

But what about co.on? Guess what? It is also unlimited, but both of them are second stage websites, well who prefers second websites (co.uk is a different story) ?


Do You keep in mind when I discuss about the certificate? Well In Norwegian You are not an proprietor of a domain :(

Yes that is sad but real. You just lease it for the timeframe from Norwegian Nationwide Domain registrar.


Can I generate income on selling the .no domains?

NO You can’t generate income on them, they can’t be sell to anyone because You will never be the proprietor of it. As I said previously, You just lease the domain for an occasion interval.

There is something much better in Norwegian law….

If You have for example MmicroSsoft.no domain (i just put unique name which is just like organization we all know) and You are proprietor of MmicroS organization, our charming Microsoft company (yes, the big one) can take the domain name away from You. Well right now they are creating something like that in Finland ( they fresh the world wide web from web page with name just like large organizations name).


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