The best domain names to create websites – Part #2

which-domain-2 Last time we talked about how to survive on competitive domain trading market. Our proposal to create websites on domain names aims at avoiding losses and putting the domain names to use in order to generate income. We often continue to keep our domains, however, in hope that this kind of investment still can be profitable.

In the last entry, we showed you best website ideas for generic domains and short domain names (only 2, 3 letters). In today’s post, we continue with our suggestions for choosing appropriate names for specific sites. In this article we focus on two types of domains: niche domains and targeted geographic domains. Enjoy the reading!

Niche domains

Names related to highly specialized services or products can be great assets in e-business. Much depends of course on the category to which the domain name is related; best if it’s a highly profitable industry. The advantage of having a generic domain in the niche area is limited competition from other names. Domain precisely defining specialized business may indeed become a “default” address for this area. It is so for a simple reason: it explicitly captures the scope of the consumer research concerning your product or service, and also it often corresponds closely to the queries typed into a search engine.

Of course, it may be difficult to win the battle for that one domain name in a competitive online environment. Even the best service in the domain industry may lose a challenging race with a large entity investing in marketing and SEO. Still, in the area of specialised business the number of competitors is smaller, and with a precisely chosen domain name there is a better way for you to attract greater traffic to your website. You do not even have to be an expert on the subject to which the domain is related to. Domain name holders often want to invest in the development of the service and marketing in order to increase the value of the address and prefer to resale the domain together with the project built on it.

Geographic targeted domains

Why should you be interested in geographic addresses to create a website? Domains in this particular category are gaining importance and value. Their popularity is associated with local and economic trends. The point in getting a geo TLD is to develop local identity and self-define as part of a micro-region, “small homeland” or a city.

The growing importance of cities and their ability to attract human capital and stimulate the development of urban businesses will have an increasing two-fold impact on branding. Firstly, in the interest of local projects it is tantamount to pinpoint their location in order to better reach the recipient. Secondly, many cities are brand themselves – a “hook” to the city can for many businesses be an image-specific promotion.

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