The best domain names to create websites – Part #1

which-domain-1What to do when the revenue from parking pages fall down really quickly, contextual advertising doesn’t bring satisfactory profits and price of buy offers are too low to cover the losses? The answer is simple: to build sites.

The answer is simple, but the implementation is more complicated. Anyone can trade domains. Website creation requires more know-how: a business center and, ideally, development and regular content updates. SEO is a must, too. The cost of website creation depends on the level of complexity of the project, but usually it is not so high. Costs can be avoided if we restrict ourselves to the consideration of free content management systems like WordPress or Joomla CMS.

Why bother to create the sites? It is worth it at least for the purpose of increasing the domain value by attracting traffic to your website and getting links. The second reason is to create a business website. If we have a good idea and an attractive domain name, taking an initiative can bring us much more income than the usual selling of the domain name. Business can be developed for many years, or you can just sell it after a while with profit to a bigger company within the same industry.

Generic top-level domain

Generic TLDs are the best answer to your needs. Universal domains, consisting of a common name and the TLDs extension, are still the best choice for developing business from scratch. The exception to this rule may be situations when we have completed the project vision and the brand is only an addition to the unique value of the product or service. However, even in this case, we should give users even a small hint in the domain name as to what kind of business the name is linked with. But when we have only a “generic” address – it should be a great foundation for building a business from scratch.

When the domain receives recognition and more traffic, the site will start getting clients, and chances are that sooner or later the company will be of interest to a bigger company, which may in time offer its patronage. However, in business, as a rule, nothing comes easy. To draw attention of big fish, we must show efficiency not only in the development’s area, but also SEO and content marketing. True service cannot consist of only a frame decorated with graphics, but it must include most user-friendly content for both website visitors and search engines.

Short domain names

Brevity is one of the main advantages of a good web domain name. In the category of short URLs, two- and three-character names occupy privileged positions. Preferably, the should be composed entirely of letters, but numerical addresses may also have considerable value.

Why such domain “miniatures” are particularly valuable? First, because many of them are well suited for brands thanks to their high visibility and ease of memorizing them.

The second reason is that the two-and three-letter domains are generally used as acronyms and these can be read in a number of ways. So, these are really “flexible” domain names.

The third reason is perhaps the key to their value: short acronyms stand for names of large corporations, often with two or three-word names. Such structures (domain consisting of a few words) are unfriendly to regular customers, which is why companies like acronym domains.
Creating a website on a few-letter domain name may be an investment in the development of high-value address that can gain recognition sooner than later. There is also a chance that your domain name triggers interest in your company, and for the reasons of the acronym name attached to it, the domain name may be redeemable for a large sum.

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