The domain .london released for general registration.

The extension .london was released for general registration on September 9, reaching over 12,000 domain name registrations on the first day of general availability, with a total score of more than 35,000 domain names.

The .london domain’s Landrush phase concluded with a score of 22,600 domain names. Within a day following the release of the domain on September 9, there were 12,400 new addresses recorded in the registry.

A lot, but still well below expectations. Although this result is a record among new TLDs, forecasts predicted even 50,000 registrations. For comparison, the .berlin domain had less than 32 thousand registrations on the first day of its general availability, but the registry offered free addresses to the residents of the German capital.

In turn, the extension .club, which is currently the leader among paid new gTLDs not offering “freebies”, had nearly 26,000 domain names registered on the first day after its release.

The expectations were higher for .london not only because of the size of London’s population of 10 million and its economic importance but also because of the active promotion of the .london domain in the British capital.

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