The right domain name for your business

Targeting the right internet audience for your business is a difficult task but having the right domain name makes a significant difference. No wonder some companies don’t hesitate to pay even six figures to acquire strategically-important premium domains. Among the leading premium domain names there are still .com and .org. However, more and more buyers opt for ccTLDs (country code domains) which grow in popularity and offer greater recognition on local markets. One of the most eagerly acquired ccTLDs has recently been .TK (Tokelau) offering most domains for free. It is number one on the list of country code TLDs with the highest growth rate. The next in line is .DE (Germany) followed by .UK (United Kingdom).

Premium domains that hold the most value consist of five characters or less. They are valuable properties as they are easy to remember and offer reduced risk of typing errors. Companies looking for strong brand recognition and strengthening their position on the market make it a priority to maintain and promote their business domain through which they can expand their customer base and advertise the services the company offers. The right domain name can generate a lot of traffic and instill recognition and trust. It is a primary tool used in establishing solid internet presence of any business, organization or individual enterprise.

However, while domain selling and buying is a dynamically growing industry, it is not uncommon to find that the ideal short, meaningful and memorable domain, especially if it’s a premium .com or .net address, is already registered. Many domain holders purchase them in large numbers for storing and reselling purposes, to generate advertising income or to capitalize on rare selling opportunities.

Buying a premium domain of your choice, if it is already taken, may involve many work hours and sometimes frustration. WHOIS information may not be up to date and contacting the holder may appear to be close to impossible. Endless e-mails and phone calls all may lead to a dead end. That is when it is advisable to turn to professionals for help. There are numerous domain brokerage companies dealing with all aspects of registering, selling and maintaining domain names that offer seasoned knowledge and quality service. Their help may appear indispensable in some cases leading to a successful sale of a desired domain name without exploitation of both the seller and the buyer.

Overall, the domain name business continues to grow strong with more than 258 million top level domain name registrations in April of 2013 (an increase of 6,2 % over the period 6 preceding months). With new opportunities and combinations within domain names industry, businesses can take advantage of making the right domain names attract new customers and promote their companies online.

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