Will Norid sell .BV domain names?

Norid is negotiating with the Dutch registry SIDN the sale or lease of the .BV domain. The .BV extension designated to the Bouvet Island has been at the disposal of the Norwegian registry. The Norwegian domain authority has received quite a few cooperation proposals in the last few years.

It is all because of the fact that .BV domain in the Netherlands is equivalent to the abbreviation “Ltd”, which is closely associated with business. BV in the Netherlands defines a limited liability company. Norid, except .NO domains and .BV domains, also manages .SJ extension, which is assigned to the more well-known islands of Svalbard and Jan Mayen.

At the moment, the potential purchaser or lessee of the .BV domain is exploring the potential of this domain. Final decisions will therefore be taken after the completion of the research and marketing analysis. But it seems that many companies and institutions should be interested in the name which is a direct translation of ‘.ltd’ in Dutch.

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